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Etna Research

The indexing infastructure for financial services and insurance

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Mission and Vision

Etna Research brings active expertise in the indexing business. We leverage cutting edge AI, data streaming infrastructure and an ocean of data sources to extract what matters for institutional clients and asset owners.

We fully embrace the direct indexing revolution, but with a twist: we are an active direct indexing specialist with deep expertise in the data space. 


Our vision is that institutional clients and asset owners will match their financial and insurance needs through actionable indices. The technology is already available (and commoditized like execution, compliance, risk) to support our value-added infrastructure layer

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Our Technology

Financial markets is the most difficult vertical in data science. It requires ad-hoc techniques and infrastructure compared to other sectors.

We bring novel financial AI techniques in the financial research process pushing the boundary of causal AI for streaming applications

Our technology platform is designed having in mind the end user. We have been active portfolio managers, we know how to serve the most demanding clients 

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